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Meet Eric

August, 1986

September, 1985

Eric should have been 48 this past August, and no doubt would be filling our lives with laughter and contributing to the world in wonderful ways we can only imagine. But on August 13, 1986 he was stabbed to death while he lay sleeping.

Throughout the 16 years of his life, everyone he came in contact with knew him as a very special young man. He was filled with kindness and caring for others and tried to make things better than how he found them. He was interested in how science could help people and how the arts could add beauty and joy to the world. He thought people should wage war on disease, not on other people. Eric was always grateful for those who had helped him and assumed responsibility for helping others in ways big and small.

If Eric were alive today, he would certainly be adding much warmth and wisdom to the world. Words cannot describe how much he is missed.

March, 1985